Feature Artist Video: Remi “Ode to Ignorance”


Photo: Callum Preston


Nigerian-Australian rapper Remi – “This track is about mine and my family’s personal experience growing up and living mixed race in Australia. It’s important for people to know that this is not targeted at any one person or any one race, it’s directed at ignorance. My hope is that it raises some awareness and starts/continues meaningful conversation about the racial climate in this country and what we can do to bring better equality.”

Read the complete interview with Remi in OKAYAFRICA or visit https://www.facebook.com/RemiKolawoleMusic




TRIBES MAGAZINE IS BACK WITH A SIZZLING HOT SUMMER ISSUE coming June 2015. Seeking indy artists, musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, photographers, dancers and other forms of urban expression to feature! Email your talents to whatsup@tribesmagazine.com.

Poetry TRIBE: Disability with Inspiration

Disability with Inspiration  

by Keyana Sullivan

Keyana Sullivan 2

Helen Keller, words can not explain the inspiration you’ve given, Life without sight, words without sound, the love you gave, success you found
Author, political activist, lecturer, first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, Your disability made you a powerful woman, and that is exactly how I want to be

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, natural born leader, You contracted an illness that left you paralyzed from the waist down
, But you refused to accept your paralysis and taught yourself to walk, strength you found, You fought through your illness by developing your own technique, and that is exactly how I want to be

Christopher Reeve, actor, director, producer, writer, our beloved Superman, An equestrian competition left you paralyzed, and your life immediately changed, Even though you suffered a great deal of pain you did not give up, prosperity you still gained The Christopher Reeve Foundation you started, to help others that are in the same position as you continued your career while helping others that is exactly what I want to do

Beethoven, one of our most famous and influential composers of classical music, During your late 20’s, your hearing began to deteriorate, later leaving you completely deaf, You considered giving up with thoughts of suicide, your love for music, to loose it, you would have nothing left, but you did not give up, you continued to write music, and at the end of the premiere of your Ninth Symphony, you turned around to see the, tumultuous applause, hearing nothing, you wept that very moment, achievement you gained, and I hope one day I can experience the same

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, two of our most creative musical figures, Blindness is considered a disability, but you guys did not let that stop you from doing what you love, you have to walk by faith, and not by sight, you taught yourself to be strong, and that I like, Your talent have touched so many people, in many different ways, I hope my talent will do the same one day.

Keyana Sullivan 1

Keyana Sullivan is 24 years old. She holds a BA in psychology and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She has a neuromuscular disease called Pompe disease and is wheelchair bound, but before anything else, she is a writer. Her book, The Cure to No Cure, is in publication. Follow her on Twitter!



A provocative title for the forthcoming doc film by TRIBES Entertainment

Jiggaboo…jigga…jigger…jig. As a journalist and documentarian, Leslie Cunningham (TRIBES Creator and filmmaker) is compelled to search out truth in her work and without bias of her own positionality in the world or in relation to the subject. Thus, she admits she was offended when she learned her grandfather’s show, Harlem in Havana, was considered the carnival ‘Jig Show’.

“In my lifetime, I’ve known the term ‘jiggaboo’, as an insult to black people, and I immediately made this connection. The idea of calling my film JIG SHOW made me very uncomfortable and continues to make me uncomfortable, as I suspect it will make others uncomfortable as well, ” says Cunningham, who has received several requests from Harlem in Havana show fans to reconsider the film’s title. Yet, the more Cunningham became aware of the power and punch this three-letter word held in the progress of this project, the more she become aware of the inevitability of her film title.


TRIBES Creator and filmmaker Leslie Cunningham

During her research, Cunningham found an etymology of the term ‘jig’ born in the European renaissance, in celebration- play and dance to song- that devolved into a racist slur that found a temporary and perplexing home on the pages of Billboard magazine as Leon Claxton’s Harlem in Havana endeared fans in communities across North America, west of the Mississippi. This so-called ‘jig’ show became a gem in the cap of the world’s largest carnival, while performers of color back east bumped painfully against the walls of the Chitlin Circuit or the coveted few opportunities in America’s major cities.

Cunningham came to understand this word and classification reached beyond the politics of the day as do the discourses on race engaged by her grandfather, Leon Claxton’s show.  A journey into the complexity of American entertainment and race history, JIG SHOW | Leon Claxton’s Harlem in Havana, seeks to tell the most honest story. A DOCUMENTARY FILM BY TRIBES Entertainment.

FILM STATUS: Currently in early production. Crowdfunding campaign coming soon! Stay tuned here at jigshow.com or harleminhavana.com. Contact Leslie Cunningham at lesliecunninghampro@gmail.com.

Feature Artist: J’DA PRYNCE- Reviving Soul Music Around the Globe!

J'DA Prynce 08


Unleash your wild side with J’da Prynce Music!

546801_434164756642790_1052757543_nDance your burdens away and sing along to the captivating and rhythmic melodies of J’Da Prynce, The Entertainment TailorBorn Jeremy Jerrod Johnson in Newark, New Jersey, J’Da comes from a talented family of vocalists, musicians and entertainers. Raised in South and North Carolina, J’Da was brought up in a very religious environment and began singing gospel music in church at the age of six.  As a teen, J’Da was heavily influenced by the high energy performances of legendary greats like Sam Cooke, James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince. He started writing his own songs and studying dance at age 13. After graduating from South Carolina State University, J’Da went on to teach English and Social Studies at Durham Public Schools and Guilford County Schools in North Carolina to students grades 6-12. In his spare time, J’Da performed at venues, nightclubs and open mics in Durham and surrounding areas and quickly became a local favorite.  J’Da’s passion to create his own brand of entertainment could not be limited to part-time devotion, so he left the education world to pursue music full-time and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, a city with a deep history of cultivating soul music.

While living in Greensboro, J’Da performed regularly with popular local artists, including hip hop artist Mr. Rozzi, R&B singer Vanessa Ferguson, The SolcetFre Project, and The Soul Brothers Band-The Ultimate James Brown Tribute Band, which performed at The House of Blues in New Orleans, LA.  “Open-The RELEASE” J’Da debut studio album, was released in 2008 and received many accolades thanks in part to the hit single, “Where” a favorite among romantics everywhere. This same year, J’Da also gained additional experience at acting as an extra on the film, “Blood Done Sign My Name” which starred Nate Parker and Lela Rochon. Additionally, J’Da acquired several roles in stage plays.

In 2009, J’Da Prynce relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and joined Az-Izz, a popular Corporate Events band based in Atlanta, which performed throughout much of the southeastern Unites States, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.  In 2011, J’Da started his own band, The J’Da Prynce Movement, a popular R&B group based in Atlanta.  They were selected to perform at the Chozen Awards (2011) and won the Delta Battle of the Bands Contest (2012). 




Currently, J’Da Prynce is bringing his hypnotic, high energy, show stopping performances to stages of five star nightclubs all across Asia. J’Da serves as the lead singer of the band “Heat” which performed at the Spasso Club, voted best Live Entertainment Venue in Bangkok, Thailand.  Additionally, he has performed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing, China, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, Seoul, South Korea and presently, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. J’Da Prynce’s soulful music has taken him all over the world and he is ready to share it with you!  The budding STAR is working on his second studio album, Heart Vs. Head, which is scheduled to be released in Summer 2015.  Chart-topping among the masses, J’Da Prynce is especially popular with the grown-up, sexy and classy crowd; ages 25 to 45 and the LGBT community!  “I’m super excited to be back in the studio and looking forward to sharing where I am presently in my journey with my fellow prynces and pryncesses,” says J’da.  This is the name by which he affectionally addresses his fans. Watch for his return to the states and The Prynce Tours America “Tour” coming soon to a venue near you. Visit http://jdaprynce.com.Contact: info@jdaprynce.com for more information.

Feature Event: FLY POET Spoken Word and Music Showcase


This FRIDAY  November 7th  This FRIDAY
@ three minutes after 8pm…
For more than 12 years The Flypoet Spoken Word & Music Showcase has been widely regarded as one of the tightest shows of it’s kind in the world. Experience world class poets from all over the country as they bring their “A” game in a tightly produced show laced with high energy live music and live interpretive performance painting. Enjoy great vibes with an amazing audience, have a cocktail, a bite to eat and… PREPARE TO BE SEVERELY ENTERTAINED!
*Doors @ 7 – $5 “martini of the month” special until 7:30 – $1 tacos all night!
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Feature Artist: Laila Nur

Photo by Jamison Bethea

New York native Laila Nur is a self-taught singer, songwriter and guitarist. Currently residing in Greensboro, North Carolina, this talented artist keeps her heart in the youth movement but doesn’t categorize her music as being limited to any era. Playing hints of folk, funk, rock, pop, and blues, she simply says, “I’m the music in my head”. Laila started playing guitar just recently in September 2009 and is now well known for making up chords and catchy songs about life, love, and politics that gather crowds from every walk of life. Find out more at http://lailanurmusic.com.