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I sat at the kitchen table with my spouse, ears glued to Democracy Now on 90.7 WNCU. “Just five nations in the world are responsible for 90% of all executions- China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.” The phone rings. It’s my mother calling simply to call out. “We’re so busy trying to keep our heads above water, we can’t focus our attention on social change.” (“Some would say that’s the point,” is my only response).

Amy Goodman continues her broadcast of the vigil and sorrowful countdown outside of the Georgia Diagnostic Prison where Troy Anthony Davis is scheduled for execution tonight, Wednesday September 21 at 7 pm while NAACP banners and Rev. Al shout “Too much doubt!” and the anti-death penalty activists cry at the horror of state-sponsored murder,death-on-schedule by lethal injection, and pockets in the crowd begging us all to “give peace a chance.” I cry too, listening to the fear and sorrow in the voices of the family, the citizens, activists, mentors, ministers, and neighbors that have become a part of the Davis family community, and all of the world citizens listening to the broadcast and praying for our collective soul. Read More Now…


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