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So you’ve listened  to some SNAP JUDGMENT shows, you’re inspired and excited, and you’re ready to tell your story. And we’re standing on the sidelines, rooting for you and blasting our air horns. We want to help you make the best content possible, so we put together the Snap Judgment Guide to Storytelling to get you all shined up and broadcast-ready.

HomeFirst and foremost: is your story really a story?
There’s a place for musings, essays  and hard-hitting investigative journalism. But it’s not here. We’re about raw, primal narrative. Forget about irony, satire and your thesis. Instead, go back to elementary school—where you were taught that stories should have a beginning, a middle and an end. You’ve got your setting. You’ve got your characters. And you’ve got your climax.

Conflict is what Snap Judgment is all about. We can’t stress that enough. That moment where you’re tied to a chair and the room is filling up with water, the moment where you’re trying on her dress and you hear the sound of your wife’s footsteps signaling impending doom… that left, that right, jump! That’s the kind of moment every good story needs. Try to identify that one moment within your story. Is there something important at stake? If the answer is no, then your story is probably not for us.  READ MORE NOW!



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