SBF Seeking….New Book Review

Review By Sarah Weathersby 

I met LaToya Hankins through a writers group. I had the opportunity to do a critique of a chapter of her work-in-progress that became the novel, SBF Seeking. The next time I saw her at a meetup, she had just published her completed work and was excited to tell the group about her experience. I try to support the talented authors I know, and even though I gave positive and supportive feedback for the chapter I read, I was torn in my reaction, knowing that SBF Seeking was a lesbian romance. Should I buy the book?…Of course. Will I read the book?…Maybe. Then she asked me to write a review and so I had to tell her: I don’t often read “gay” literature though I had recently read Justin Torres’ We the Animals and a couple of James Baldwin books forty years ago. Read the full review in TRIBES magazine Summer 2012 issue.

Visit for more reviews (Search SBF Seeking). SBF Seeking is available on


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