LANGSTON HUGHES: The Black Clown Performance Art Exhibition

Text by Anthony Thompson Adeagbo. Visual Art by Renaldo Davidson.

Langston Hughes lived with strong racial pride and was unashamedly black at a time when blackness was démodé. His work explored the conditions of his people who lived, worked, and survived in spite of great adversity. Langston Hughes’ poetry and fiction focused on the working class and everyday ordinary African-Americans. “My seeking has been to explain and illuminate the Negro condition in America and obliquely that of all human kind.”A “people’s poet,” Hughes confronted racial stereotypes, protested social  conditions, and sought to uplift his people.

In the new work from Anthony Thompson Adeagbo and Renaldo Davidson, entitled Langston Hughes: The Black Clown Performance Art Exhibition, an arrangement of Hughes’ dramatic monologue, The Black Clown, is performed by Adeagbo in collaboration with Renaldo Davidson’s exhibition of visual pieces inspired by Hughes’ monologue, the life of Bert Williams, and Abbey Lincoln’s poem, Where Are The African Gods?. Read the full article in TRIBES Summer 2012 issue.


3 thoughts on “LANGSTON HUGHES: The Black Clown Performance Art Exhibition

  1. We are so excited to see the recognition of Ade Achbo Myee Mudu (Anthony Thompson and Renaldo Davidson for their work to showcase and continue the efforts of our late great brother prophet poetic laureate Langston Hughes. Their stewardship needs applauded. Not only have they have been able to capture the artistic spirit and poetic essence of his work, they have remained steadfast in not compromising the cold hard truth that Langston brought to our attention. Anthony’s ability to stay true to the material and not sell out for a paper chase is exactly the type of person cut out for this type of calling. Renaldo’s work to bring forth the visuals is stunning and captivating rich with emotion and energy. You can here voice of the griot’s voice and sound of the drum with every brush stroke. We Say well done and are in great anticipation of what is still to come.


    • Renaldo and Ade thank Philip Green for his comment. Your support over the years for my work and artistic collaborations with Brother Renaldo has been valued. We accept the calling as stewarts of Langston Hughes’ Legacy. It has been most rewarding and worth ever challenge we have met.


    • Phil Greene you have been a great support for my work over the years. Your comment is most appreciated. It has never been a problem for me to work with integrity, dignity, respect for my heritage, culture, and ancestors. It is important for me to follow the same aim, purpose, and direction that Langston Hughes exhibit as an artist. If not I can not be true to the preservation of his work. As an actor, artistic director I exsist to serve his work. It takes courage and inner strength to not buy in to being a part of the status quo. Hughes’ life and character has been a powerful example to follow. Collaborating with Renaldo Davidson has given me opportunity to move in a new direction in my work. Renaldo has become my mainstay. Working along side of Renaldo has presented unlimited opportunities for artistic growth, character, and spiritual development. I too Am in great anticipation of what is still to come. I do know that we continue to evolve therefore the best has yet to come.


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