TRIBES Magazine Celebrates 8 Years: Fall issue coming soon


This Fall 2012, TRIBES Magazine will celebrate 8 years in publication with one of the hottest issues yet, reporting on some of today’s pioneers and venues shaping urban music in the U.S. and abroad. Unlike many entertainment publications that have gone out of print and/or changed formats over the years, TRIBES’ brand has stayed consistent and committed to its initial mission to support and showcase urban expression.

Leslie Cunningham, TRIBES Magazine Creator and publisher

Published by TRIBES Entertainment, TRIBES magazine is one of today’s leading sources for independent reporting on urban Arts & Entertainment.  Available quarterly in print and online in digital formats, every issue is throbbing with music, politics, visual art, and photography and bursting with A&E reporting, creative prose, poetry, and personal narratives authored by an exciting team of writers, artists, and critics. Recently nominated “Poetry Magazine of the Year” by the National Poetry Awards 2012, TRIBES has won “Best Online Zine”  (BlackWebAwards, 2009), and “Poetry Magazine of the Year” (National Poetry Awards, 2010) and has reached millions of readers in print and online annually.

Born out of necessity, one dreary evening in Durham, North Carolina, some eight years ago, TRIBES came to life as citizen artists of The Triangle were calling out for a voice. Already the voice-giver, delivering rags and bullhorns to poets and social activists in the the nation’s capital, TRIBES creator Leslie Cunningham once again answered the call. By day from her desk on the tech floor of the marketing world, Cunningham watched a network of artists and musicians, painters, poets and MCs- collect around her. Her creative force drew their work and it flew into her lap- poems and rhymes, photographs and songs, cartoons and sketches and collages and dancing and essays and more, until Cunningham was overtaken by the collective power of the independent arts. Pen in hand, bobbing eagerly in a sea of blank storyboards, Cunningham sketched an outline for the first issue and, in June 2004, TRIBES magazine was born.

In the beginning, there was no money, only love for community and the desire to support self-sustaining artists generating trends in music, visual arts and the printed word. And for some time the magazine grew in her satchel, held up by the loving hands of friends and artists, fundraisers and contributers, and fans in urban communities who received TRIBES magazine regularly at no cost. Soon, indie artists, musicians and writers from around the world came to rely on TRIBES magazine as a platform for showcasing their talent, while TRIBES’ loyal community of readers came to depend on TRIBES for the freshest stories shaping the future of urban entertainment and culture.

In the archives of TRIBES magazine, greats like Damian and Kymani Marley, India.Arie, Tyler Perry, KRS One, Dead Prez, Ludacris, and so many more have featured. Still, the heart of TRIBES magazine is always with the self-sustaining arts and ever-committed to showcasing the countless, lessor known (but no less prolific) independent artists across the globe as they pioneer expression and make essential noise in their communities.

The underground can be a land of muted voices and unsigned talent. With so much to say and do in the arenas of culture and politics, TRIBES is them; and Cunningham’s power to amplify their creative force and carry their work across the globe grows on!  Look for the 8th anniversary issue of TRIBES to come soon. To view the current issue of TRIBES or to stay updated on TRIBES’ Blog, Visit  http:// Questions or comments can be emailed to


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