Text by Gabriel Rich

John C. McMahan is an artist that really loves his craft.  While many may talk about what they’re willing to do to achieve success, few actually make the necessary sacrifices to move forward, toward to the next level of success in the industry.  That’s not a problem for McMahan, an ex-Marine. The struggle is all a part of the journey to where he wants to be- a household name and gospel music artist whose songs grace every gospel radio station in the nation.  And he wouldn’t mind capturing the hearts of R&B listeners, as well.  In fact, gospel music is not where John C. McMahan started out. Before he was chosen for the calling, McMahan was on a fast track in the R&B world, where he was so committed to making a strong impact on the scene that he did shows and engagements while still in the Corps, stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  R&B and hip hop were McMahan’s life and the genres in which he found most of his music influences, in the early days.  Read the full review in TRIBES’ 8th Anniversary Issue. 

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