TRIBES Ranked No.1

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Search “Urban Music Magazine” on Google and TRIBES Magazine ranks No.1!

When I created TRIBES magazine at my kitchen table more than eight years ago, I never thought it would grow from being a local indie music and arts publication to one of the world’s leading urban music magazines. Yet, based on Google’s search rankings, TRIBES magazine has done just that! Search “Urban Music Magazine” on Google and TRIBES Magazine ranks No.1!

Check out Google images and TRIBES’ magazine covers are sitting side by side with the top urban music magazines like VIBE, XXL, GIANT and THE SOURCE. Of course, this doesn’t mean TRIBES is making more profit, selling more issues or featuring more top artists than them. We are not. In fact, it’s the complete opposite:

• We currently don’t profit from TRIBES financially. We do it for the love of the many talented unsupported artists and unsigned musicians around the globe. We do it to give a voice to urban expression everywhere. Maybe one day we will see a profit, but for now we feel rich from the gratitude we receive from the many artists we feature.

• Although TRIBES magazine is available for purchase in print on our website, we make our flipbook version available FREE to all our website and Facebook visitors-  and we feature limited advertising in our publication for the sake of our loyal readers.

• We love and respect the many mainstream artists who have worked so hard to reach their success, but TRIBES’ chooses to feature the lesser known, but no less prolific, artists and musicians around the globe who are shaping the future of urban entertainment and culture.

I truly believe success comes in many different forms. Being ranked #1 “Urban Music Magazine” in Google search is great news not just for TRIBES magazine, but for the countless, unheard of artists in the world who, through TRIBES, can finally showcase their talents to the masses.

As we continue on this amazing journey,  I want to personally thank you for the love and support!

Leslie Cunningham, Creator/ Editor-In-Chief


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