Get Ready for A3C 2013!

footer-sealNow in it’s 9th year, A3C takes place over 5 days in October, at dozens of venues centrally located throughout three closely connected, high traffic, cultural hubs in Atlanta: Old 4thWard, Little 5 Points and East Atlanta Village. 2012 marked the largest and most extensive A3C to date with 20,000+ attendees from more than 45 different US states. A3C expanded to new venues, added more entertainment and networking opportunities and launched new components (Style and Film) to the festival. In addition to music and live performances, A3C encompasses education, film, style, pro-audio, art, technology, gaming, sports, break-dance and more.

Partner with A3C in 2013 — A3C Festival provides an unparalleled platform for artist, products and services to reach and interact with the hip-hop community. Some of the most inventive and influential artists, brands and tastemakers utilize A3C to showcase new music, art, film, technology, equipment, fashion and more. Visit today.  


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