Graffiti, B Boys, DJ’s – DURM HIP HOP SUMMIT


(DURHAM, NC) Graffiti, B Boys, DJ’s-­‐ HECK Yes! In past years, Durham’s Hip Hop scene Is being revitalized, thanks in part to Durham’s very own Promo Duo/Rap artists-­‐Professor Toon and The Real Laww. Previously marred by negative connotations, the triangle scene is restoring the actual “art” of Hip Hop in the area. As of July 2012, Professor and Laww have come together to provide the community with what has been dubbed the DURM Hip Hop Summit, a one day music festival that blankets the city of Durham in high quality Hip Hop; to be experienced by all ages.

Coming August 16, 2014, the DURM Hip Hop Summit truly is a major event, illustrating the true meaning of Hip Hop and educating its audience on the foundation of Hip Hop roots, as well as providing some high energy hip hop performances from national acts and up-­‐coming young acts. The event showcases the five pillars of Hip Hop: beat boxing, break dancing, emceeing, deejaying and graffiti, with a mission to revive the Hip Hop scene in the Triangle area.


Brian Dawson and his son, the Kid DJ sensation, Chase Dawson will be hosting and DJing along with the NC Legend KAZE, at this years DURM HIP HOP SUMMIT!!!!

In 2012, the inaugural DURM Hip Hop Summit featured only five performers, two DJ’s, one graffiti artist and one host all at one venue. Area staples, The Beast and Joshua Gunn headlined year one’s event and even a monsoon of torrential downpour couldn’t keep the DURM HIP Hop Summit from pulling a sold-­‐out packed house. 2014’s DURM Hip Hop Summit will include acts like Alex Wiley, Lord of the Fly, Professor Toon and Cesar Comanche, just to name a few, will be gracing these stages. This multiple venue event will be hosted by; K97.5’s own Brian Dawson, his son DJ Kid Sensation Chase Dawson and the NC legend KAZE. And of course we will be indulging your senses with Emcee Battles, Producer Battles, and Break Dancers to top it all off.

What’s in store for the future of the DURM Hip Hop Summit you ask? More, more and more! With hopes of inspiring growth by adding to the already sweet list of notable sponsors such as Brood Soda, The Stagger, ReverbNation, Runaway Clothing, Cardigan Records, Dear Hearts, Intrepid Life, MotorCo Music Hall and American Underground. The Summit aspires to be on the same playing field as some other music festivals the likes of A3C, Hopscotch, Moogsfest and even one day, Bonnaroo! The Summit plans to, year by year, keep adding more venues and even an outside performance with more national/international hip hop acts. This marks the turning point for Hip Hop in the Triangle. It’s Hip Hop and Art at its finest, connecting people from all walks of life.

Visit durmhiphopsummit. com.




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