Disability with Inspiration

Poetry TRIBE:  Disability with Inspiration  

by Keyana Sullivan

Keyana Sullivan 2

Helen Keller, words can not explain the inspiration you’ve given, Life without sight, words without sound, the love you gave, success you found
Author, political activist, lecturer, first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, Your disability made you a powerful woman, and that is exactly how I want to be

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, natural born leader, You contracted an illness that left you paralyzed from the waist down
, But you refused to accept your paralysis and taught yourself to walk, strength you found, You fought through your illness by developing your own technique, and that is exactly how I want to be

Christopher Reeve, actor, director, producer, writer, our beloved Superman, An equestrian competition left you paralyzed, and your life immediately changed, Even though you suffered a great deal of pain you did not give up, prosperity you still gained The Christopher Reeve Foundation you started, to help others that are in the same position as you continued your career while helping others that is exactly what I want to do

Beethoven, one of our most famous and influential composers of classical music, During your late 20’s, your hearing began to deteriorate, later leaving you completely deaf, You considered giving up with thoughts of suicide, your love for music, to loose it, you would have nothing left, but you did not give up, you continued to write music, and at the end of the premiere of your Ninth Symphony, you turned around to see the, tumultuous applause, hearing nothing, you wept that very moment, achievement you gained, and I hope one day I can experience the same

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, two of our most creative musical figures, Blindness is considered a disability, but you guys did not let that stop you from doing what you love, you have to walk by faith, and not by sight, you taught yourself to be strong, and that I like, Your talent have touched so many people, in many different ways, I hope my talent will do the same one day.

Keyana Sullivan 1

Keyana Sullivan is 24 years old. She holds a BA in psychology and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She has a neuromuscular disease called Pompe disease and is wheelchair bound, but before anything else, she is a writer. Her book, The Cure to No Cure, is in publication. Follow her on Twitter!

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