We’re Back: New Issue Coming Winter 2016

Dear TRIBES Magazine community, our hiatus is over and we’re back with a new issue coming Winter 2016 guaranteed to be the best yet! After that, you can enjoy fresh, new issues four times a year available in print on Amazon or digital format on magcloud!

TRIBES Magazine Summer 2012 cover

Now Available in Print on Amazon! 

Created in 2004, TRIBES Magazine is one of the leading urban arts and entertainment publications online today. Best known for showcasing indy artists making noise in their communities, every issue of TRIBES throbs with the beat of music, politics, visual art and photography, and bursts with writing, articles, poetry and personal narratives and authored by a winning team of entertainment journalists, artists, and social critics.

Named “Best Online Zine” by Black Web Awards in 2009 and “Poetry Magazine of the Year” by the National Poetry Awards in 2010, TRIBES has featured entertainment icons like Tyler Perry, Damian Marley and KRS One, and so many more. Still, the heart of TRIBES Magazine is always with the self-sustaining arts and ever-committed to showcasing the countless independent artists across the globe as they pioneer in entertainment.

TRIBES is seeking visual artists, poets, writers, musicians, photographers and more interested in showcasing their talents. Email us at whatsup@tribesmagazine.com.



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