Straight Outta England: Lady Leshurr’s Wig Snatching Shade!  

Lady Leshurr


By Gabriel Rich

I hold it down like a Snapchat
Go over your head like a snapback
Uploaded a pic, double tap that
And your flow’s so old, granddad (bruh)



Lady Leshurr is a busy woman these days.  The UK banter rap queen is making the power moves many people thought she would be making in 2013, when Leshurr made her presence known on the U.K. Hip Hop scene.  The Birmingham, England native recently completed a successful US Tour, wowing audiences in New Orleans, Atlanta, LA, Miami, and New York and she recently inked a deal with a major label.  A much-anticipated debut CD is now in the works, with Leshurr working with producers like Scott Storch and Timbaland.

Oh Jesus, oh Lord, oh Jesus
A couple of snakey friends just Adam and Eve’d us
And there’s no debate on who’s better
I’ll turn a man to a girl like Bruce Jenner

Smart, clever, resilient, and talented, the woman born Melesha O’Garro, has faced her share of setbacks, from turning down a deal with Atlantic Records to having someone she saw as a friend try to derail her career. Read the full article now in TRIBES Spring 2017 – Issue 37! 


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