Hip Hop’s Biggest Stage, A3C – October 8-12 – ATL, GA

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A3C [All 3 Coasts] Festival is the preeminent hip-hop festival in the US. A3C has grown from a local showcase to an amazing cultural experience and is celebrating 10 years in the game!


October 8-12 – ATL, GA – Today, A3C is one of the largest hip-hop events in the world with performances from well over 500 artists, including: legends, rising stars, trendsetters, up-and-comers and aspiring talent from across the world. The 5 day festival encompasses all aspects of hip-hop culture: music, art, film, style, education and more. During the day attendees are able to connect with – and learn from – tastemakers, icons, organizations, brands and industry leaders, while the evenings and nights are filled with special events, parties and performances from some of the biggest and best hip-hop artists in the world. Read more now!

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footer-sealNow in it’s 9th year, A3C takes place over 5 days in October, at dozens of venues centrally located throughout three closely connected, high traffic, cultural hubs in Atlanta: Old 4thWard, Little 5 Points and East Atlanta Village. 2012 marked the largest and most extensive A3C to date with 20,000+ attendees from more than 45 different US states. A3C expanded to new venues, added more entertainment and networking opportunities and launched new components (Style and Film) to the festival. In addition to music and live performances, A3C encompasses education, film, style, pro-audio, art, technology, gaming, sports, break-dance and more.

Partner with A3C in 2013 — A3C Festival provides an unparalleled platform for artist, products and services to reach and interact with the hip-hop community. Some of the most inventive and influential artists, brands and tastemakers utilize A3C to showcase new music, art, film, technology, equipment, fashion and more. Visit a3cfestival.com today.  

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Bocafloja performs live Friday, October 12!

A3C Shines Spotlight on International Artists and Transnational Hip Hop Communities 

Cover Story by Dialo Askia

Hip Hop gave voice to a demographic more apt to musically reach success singing with their brothers or playing instruments with neighborhood friends than speaking about the conditions of their surroundings. Words painted pictures in vast colors detailing everything from the sound of a 40-ounce bottle breaking against the pavement, to a baby’s cry of hunger in the next apartment. A few verses and hooks over break beats became the equivalent of a thousand words.

Initially a whisper amongst those in the know, word of mouth screamed loud enough to span the globe. The international reach of Hip Hop was seen early, as the musical grassroots movement traveled overseas, bearing youth in Japan dressed in the garb of Hollis, Queens.  It became evident to our early rap ambassadors that though foreign audiences didn’t know the words they spoke, their meaning was clear and fans ‘understood’ as they bobbed their heads and listened. It would only be a matter of time before they decided to use their voices as instruments in the same fashion.

“Bocafloja” on the cover

The A3C Hip Hop Festival, the largest music festival in the Southeast, is a 3-day event that takes place in Atlanta, GA at the Masquerade October 11th – 13th.  It will feature over six stages with more than three hundred artists and djs set to perform.  The lineup includes such notable names as Tech Nine, Devin the Dude, 9th Wonder, and Twista, along with many artists with established reputations on the underground scene like Skyzoo and Gods’illa.

With an attendance of over 15,000 in 2011, the A3C festival is heading into its 8th year and that number is sure to increase. This 2012 conference also marks the 2nd year that A3C touts a global con-centration that will shine a spotlight on International artists and transnational hip hop communities like Planet Hip Hop, The Bloom Effect, Nomadic Wax, World Hip Hop, and New Skool Rules.

Best described as an international market where visitors will be greeted by organic, hip hop flavors from across the globe- from Sri Lankan, Ceylon cinnamon to Jerk spices of the Caribbean – and in a cornucopia of languages, the A3C artist lineup is a blend of sounds from nations around the world that is sure to satisfy any hip hop hunger. Representing, among other nations, Chile, Panama, Mexico, South Sudan, and Singapore, this showcase is guaranteed to bring a celebration of culture, heritage, diversity, and a world of talent to attendants of this fall kick-off celebration.

Raka Rich and Raka Dun make up the group Los Rakas. Advancing the hip hop mission of uniting black and latino cultural communities throughout the Americas, this Panamanian-born, Bay area-based duo, redefines the term Rakataka to reclaim the hopes and dreams of citizens of el barrio, as their music traverses the terrain that unites the low rider on Crenshaw Boulevard or the streets of La Mission, the quick feet bouncing on the corners of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro or Panama city, and the lighters in-a-the-air in Kingston, particularly in their 2011 debut EP, Chancletas Y Camisetas.

Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux has a style best enjoyed through headphones as you wait for le metro with a greasy slice of folded pizza. Her music is a throwback to a classic hip hop, complete with DJ Premier-esque production, demonstrated best on the popular track ‘Partir de Cero’ off Tijoux’s 2009, sophomore album, 1977.  Already a star in Latin America from her days in the group Makiza and her subsequent solo career that has included collaborations with some of Latin America’s favorite hip hop and pop artists, Tijoux looks to capture a new audience on the A3C stage with her reinvention of classic sounds and homage to the good old days.

Bocafloja, representing for Mexico City by way of California and New York, uses his microphone as a bullhorn to deliver his message of social consciousness, while establishing himself as a pioneer of political and activist hip hop in Latin America.  His music, in the tradition of conscious rap icons like Public Enemy, addresses social and political topics that burn with the power to bring awareness to listeners and inspire fans to spread his message of progress to wider audiences. Bocafloja’s catalog of music is prolific, seven albums deep, and representative of his own growth as a social activist and critic. In 2005, Bocafloja founded QuilomboArte, an organization that uses hip hop as an educational tool to support progressive social and political movements throughout Mexico and Latin America through the medium of urban music and arts.

Los Rakas

While too many young rappers aspire for commercial success by celebrating the worst in us, Emmanuel Jal speaks to the realities of poverty, violence, and war. The answer to trends in hip hop that glorify conflict and relish in images of death, Jal gives us the real story of a youth at battle; of the life of a forced child soldier, of watching friends die, of stealing to eat and loving his country while witnessing the rape of its most precious resources.

Kevin Lester

Kevin Lester rounds out the current roster. Already a success in the daunting task of introducing hip hop to many of his countrymen, (check out “Rockstar” on video. See  http://www.a3cfestival.com for links), Lester will bring an energetic sound and crisp cuts to the A3C stage.

In addition to an incredible showcase of performances from international artists and well-established names in the American hip hop scene, the 2012 A3C Festival will also present a jam packed schedule of panels on contemporary and relevant topics in hip hop and the field of independent music beginning Thursday, October 11, at 1:00 PM and running throughout the long weekend at a variety of festival venues.

Beginning with Festiquette and The League of Young Voters Education Fund Presents #Ignite: Hotlanta, Fiona Bloom of The Bloom Effect is an exciting addition to the panel lineup, hosting a roster of international artists speakers as she shares the wisdom gained over nearly twenty years in the music and entertainment industry. Bloom has run marketing campaigns for Gangstarr, MF Doom, and many others. Her company The Bloom Effect is a one-stop shop specializing in album campaigns, tours, launch parties, premieres, consultations, and digital marketing. She has also opened up opportunities for international hip hop artists that have offered exposure in the States for their work and created partnerships that cross national borders. This panel, as well as the some nineteen others, will allow presenting artists to, in words of MC Shan, “tell you where they’re coming from.”

Whether as a performer or fan, the A3C Hip Hop festival will be a treat and an invaluable manual for every hip hop head. The lineup of domestic and international artists and accompanying panel discussions covering all aspects of the music industry will allow us all to broaden our horizons, to understand ourselves, each other, and the music more completely. We’ll bob our heads and despite the challenges of communication across barriers of language and perspective, we’ll listen intently to every word and enjoy. To get tickets or to  learn more, visit A3CFESTIVAL.COM.

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Bocafloja “Memoria”

“Memoria” narrates a journey of more than fifteen years in which Bocafloja has utilized spoken word and rap music as an alternative platform to communicate and build with communities all over the world. The video was shot in Harlem and Bronx New York by Magee and produced by Nomadic Wax. The project effectively portrays Bocafloja’s journey as an artist and activist, whose final destination is the establishment of an emancipatory experience. Visit emancipassion.com or bocafloja.bandcamp.com.

Catch BOCAFLOJA at the 2012 A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, GA October 12, 2012.



Los Rakas – Bien Ribetiao

Catch Los Rakas at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, October 11-13, 2012


Official music video for “Bien Ribetiao” by Los Rakas.
Directed by Lady Tragik. Shot in Oakland, CA.

Get Bien Ribetiao on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bien-ribetiao-single/id549350920?ls=1.




The Cool Kids “Rush Hour Traffic”

The Cool Kids is an American hip hop group consisting of rappers Antoine “Sir Michael Rocks” Reed and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll (originally from Mount Clemens, Michigan). The Cool Kids’ music has been released primarily to the independent Chocolate Industries via their own label C.A.K.E.  Reed and Ingersoll have made appearances in numerous forms of media, as well as in collaborations with other artists such as Chip tha Ripper, Asher Roth, Yelawolf, Kenna, Ivan Ives, The Bloody Beetroots, Drake, Travis Barker, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Mac Miller, Maroon 5, Curren$y, and The O’My’s. For more info, visit The Cool Kids at http://coolxkids.com.



Phil Adé – Gone! (Official Music Video)

Catch Phil Adé at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, October 11-13, 2012.

Phil Adé a proud representative of the DMV,  spent a better portion of his life in California, Alabama, and Florida. Adé started rapping in his spare time as a source of fun during his junior year of high school, writing cliché raps based on what he heard  from various local artists and the radio. After a couple years of recording and studying the creative style of  other rap artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas, Adé  finally found his own artistic identity, and with motivation from his friends he began to foresee his hip hop dreams. Currently Phil is under D.C. based artist management company “PaperBoy Management” and recently signed to the independent Hip Hop label 368 Music Group also based in the Nation’s Capitol. As of late amidst his grind, Adé has dropped such popular mixtapes including “A Different World” and “PhilAdeFriday2″. For more information on Phil Adé, visit :PHIL ADE OFFICIAL SITE.