Professor Toon performs tonight, 8.16.14. Motorco. Durham!


Durham rapper Toon combines intricate detail in lyricism with a sharp delivery. Playing shows anywhere from downtown city bars to Duke University theaters, he’s sidled up alongside several young hip-hop ascendants. In an area and a time where the pickings are slim for inventive new local rap, Toon has risen to the challenge to bring you what you need alongside Kooley High, King Mez, Lazarus and apromising new crop.

Originally born in Baltimore, MD., Toon had a rough start, was the witness to his mother’s abusive relationship and subsequent divorce. He soon moved to North Carolina with her, but the history he has accumulated seems to be the driving forces behind his relentless show schedule and forceful writing.

While attending the Durham School of the Arts, Toon met his current collaborator, The Real Laww. As with 2011’s The King’s Khrysis, which paired Raleigh rapper King Mez with producer Khrysis, the two have created a balance for one another, making them a duo worth beholding. On the single “Hulk Smash,” Toon picks out exactly what is wrong with the rap game today, spitting lines like, “Just because we can’t understand you doesn’t make you creative” and “There’s role models down the street but they’re scared to teach.” Galvanized by the past but driven toward the future, Toon unites a bold performance with a meaningful backstory. —James Hatfield. Visit

DURM HIP HOP SUMMIT Saturday 8.16.14


Graffiti, B Boys, DJ’s- HECK Yes! In past years, Durham’s Hip Hop scene Is being revitalized, thanks in part to Durham’s very own Promo Duo/Rap artists-Professor Toon and The Real Laww. Previously marred by negative connotations,the triangle sceneis restoring the actual “art” of Hip Hop in the area. As of July 2012, Professor and Laww have come together to provide the community with what has been dubbed the DURM Hip Hop Summit, a one day music festival that blankets the city of Durham in high quality Hip Hop; to be experienced by all ages. Read More.