Leslie Cunningham, President and CEO

Armed with the power to sniff out creative talent and star-making spirit, Leslie Cunningham created TRIBES Magazine in 2004 as artists across the Triangle area of North Carolina were calling out for a voice. As the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief for 13 years, Leslie robbed from the commercial rich and gave to the media-starved with a goal of giving to those determined to share something of themselves and their experience, a platform- a page from which to speak their ideas, an opportunity that for some artists may never come again. The underground can be a land of muted voices and unsigned talent. With so much to say and do in the arenas of culture and politics, TRIBES is them; and Cunningham’s power to amplify their creative force and carry their work across the globe, grows on. Visit Leslie at 

A special thank you!

Thank you to the many editors, writers, artists, photographers and poets who have contributed issue after issue! We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Dasan Ahanu
  • Dialo Askia
  • Brett Chambers
  • Emanuel Cole
  • Patricia R. Corbett
  • Keith Davis
  • Alana A. Jones
  • Sandi Freeman
  • Nichole Martin
  • Gabriel Rich
  • Many more!