TRIBES Creator

Leslie Cunningham is an artist, filmmaker, and CEO TRIBES Entertainment LLC. Armed with the power to sniff out creative talent and star-making spirit, Leslie created TRIBES Magazine in 2004 as artists across the Triangle area of North Carolina were calling out for a voice. As the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief for more than a decade, Leslie robbed from the commercial rich and gave to the media-starved with a goal of giving to those determined to share something of themselves and their experience, a platform- a page from which to speak their ideas- an opportunity that for some artists may never come again. The underground can be a land of muted voices and unsigned talent. With so much to say and do in the arenas of culture and politics, TRIBES is them, and Cunningham’s power to amplify their creative force and carry their work across the globe, grows on. Learn more about Leslie.  

TRIBES Past Team: 

  • Cassandra J. Freeman (Co-founder, Executive Editor, Writer)
  • Alana A. Jones (Executive Editor and Writer)
  • Nichole Martin (Editor and Senior Writer)
  • Dasan Ahanu, Contributing Writer
  • Dialo Askia, Editor, Writer
  • Brett Chambers, Writer and Contributing Photographer
  • Emanuel Cole, Staff Photographer
  • Patricia Corbett, Executive Editor
  • Carl Kenney, Writer
  • Keith Davis, Contributor
  • Gabriel Rich, Contributing Writer