TRIBES Magazine



Born out of necessity in 2004, TRIBES magazine came to life as self-sustaining artists across the Triangle area (NC) generating trends in music, visual arts and the printed word were calling out for a voice. Soon, indie artists, musicians and writers from around the world came to rely on TRIBES magazine as a platform for showcasing their talent, and TRIBES’ loyal community of readers came to depend on TRIBES magazine for the freshest stories shaping the future of urban entertainment and culture.

Voted us “Best Online Zine” in 2009, and “Poetry Magazine of the Year” in 2010.  Each issues is throbbing with the beat of music, hip hop, politics, visual art and photography, and bursting with videos, film, articles, poetry and personal narratives authored by a winning team of entertainment journalists, artists, and social critics.

In the archives of TRIBES, greats like Damian Marley, India.Arie, Tyler Perry, KRS One, Dead Prez, Ludacris, and so many more have featured. Still, the heart of TRIBES magazine is always with the self-sustaining arts. TRIBES is ever-committed to showcasing the countless, lessor known (but no less prolific) independent artists across the globe as they pioneer expression and make essential noise in their communities. View past issues. 

TRIBES Magazine is no longer in publication. 

Thank you to the many editors, writers, artists, photographers and poets who have contributed issue after issue! We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Dasan Ahanu
  • Dialo Askia
  • Brett Chambers
  • Emanuel Cole
  • Patricia R. Corbett
  • Keith Davis
  • Alana A. Jones
  • Sandi Freeman
  • Nichole Martin
  • Gabriel Rich
  • Many more!

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