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“Jerode Rodgers, better known as Jeronimo was born in Chicago and raised in the “Low End” projects of the inner city.  It was here that Jeronimo was introduced to freestyle and battle rapping.  At the time Jeronimo had no clue that practicing these skills would be his gateway art to what would turn out to be his truest and most successful passion the art of Spoken Word.  He began creating Spoken Word pieces in late December of 2011.  Since then Jeronimo has released two Spoken Word EP’s.  Spoken Hip Hop was the first release early in 2012 with extraordinary pieces like 80’s and 20’s.   There was quite a bit of controversy throughout Jeronimo’s Christian fan base because of language used in several pieces.  A remnants of battle rapping days where almost anything goes.  Jeronimo was so grateful of the outpour of love, he decided to create his next EP for his Christian fanbase and kept it clean.  Psalms of the Streets was created and then released in November of 2012.  Over 300 people walked through the doors of the I.C.E. Theater for the event Heirs to the Throne, where Jeronimo held his release and listening event.” Read Jeronimo’s complete bio at

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