Day 2: The MAD Choir: Controversial video rants go viral.

The MAD Choir: Controversial video rants go viral. Check out the Black Women’s Manifesto video below and let us know what you think. What responsibility do artists, celebrities, and public figures have (if any) to their communities of belonging? To society, in general? Preaching to the choir or promoting stereotypes? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Day 2: The MAD Choir: Controversial video rants go viral.

    This so-called “Black Woman’s Manifesto 2012” is an insult to me and other brown-skinned sisters. We’ve been fighting against these exact types of negative portrayals in media for a very long time. This ‘manifesto’ only promotes a more negative and INCORRECT portrayal of who we truly are and how we have been living! Despite TV, I see hard-working black women everyday, taking care of their children, in the gym, walking, practicing yoga, meditating, going to church and school, eating healthier, taking control and doing what they can to live their dreams. For Caradine to create a document that implies we, as black women, are not or have not been doing ALL things is offensive. And, why exclusively for Black women? Why use specific names of black women from TV in the document, and then judge them so harshly? Isn’t Caradine doing exactly what she just preached we should not do “refuse to tear each other down”? Caradine is disillusioned if she thinks the majority of black women behave in a way that required the creation of this document. Thank you for trying Caradine, but no THANK YOU!


  2. I’m eager to hear what you all think about this question. Are artists, public figures, etc. responsible in their work and lives for the representation of their respective communities? Are they obligated to use their platform to confront the politics of identity and histories of racism and stereotyping?



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